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    About Dovey Pharmacy

    Exceeding Expectations, Offering Much More Than Medicines

    About Us

    Dovey Pharmacy is one of the leading 24 hours chemist in Kenya. With a broad and rich experience in pharmaceuticals and medical products for both brand and generic products, we hold a significant presence in Mombasa and Nairobi and planning to go beyond.

    Dovey Pharmacy

    Our Values

    1. Customer First: We keep our promises and build long lasting relationships with our customers. We take time to understand their need and make it our challenge to provide our customers with solutions that are simple and work.
    2. Innovative & Tech Led: We respond to the needs of our customers with innovative products and services that we can deliver on time, on budget and we delight in using technology to simplify our delivery processes.
    3. Credibility & Trust: We act with honesty and integrity in all our actions. We keep our customer interactions and data confidential and secure.
    4. High Performance: We keep our delivery promise, by delivering what we say we will deliver on time, on budget, and we always seek to achieve our goals and targets. We are honest and candid when engaging in performance discussions and are always welcome to correction and improvement to drive the achievement of best results and highest rewards personally and as a business


    To provide holistic and world class pharmaceutical and beauty products and services for the wellness and wellbeing of our people.


    To deliver best fit solutions to our customers in a simple, tech led, innovative and credible manner at all times without compromise.

    “Providing the best services in terms of good customer care, timely delivery, world best products and producing holistic pharmacy technicians.”

    Dovey Pharmacy

    Our Network

    Our branches include;

    Westlands, Kimathi House, Nairobi City Hall, Nairobi Hospice, JF Centre Upper Hill, Kilimani , Kiambu Road, Ruaka, Karen, Rongai, Langata, Buruburu,  Aga Khan and Mombasa.

    Photo Gallery

    Experience Us
    Reach out to any of our Branches on WhatsApp, by just clicking the link below:
    Dovey Pharma Nairoi West
    Dovey Pharma Nakuru
    Dovey Pharma Nairobi Hospice
    Dovey Pharma Kiambu Road
    Dovey Pharma Aga Khan
    Dovey Pharma Karen
    Dovey Pharma Kimathi House
    +254 759464364
    Dovey Pharma City Hall
    +254 757451708
    Dovey Pharma Yaya Centre
    Dovey Pharma Buruburu
    Dovey Pharma Ruaka
    +254 113254967
    Dovey Pharma Kilimani
    Dovey Pharma Rongai
    +254 114735273
    Dovey Pharma Langata
    +254 700114707
    Dovey Pharma Mombasa
    Dovey Pharma Westlands
    Dovey Pharma Riverside
    Dovey Pharma JF Upper Hill
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